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Fall 2017—Spring 2018: BFA Graphic Design Senior Thesis

Meaningful interactions can be deliberately designed to invoke stress relief by creating an object that is unexpected, transformative, and a focal point for participants to direct their attention. It is possible create such an experience through many different forms and to many different levels of complexity. However, these three main goals can be accomplished through simple design. The key to engagement is to involve the senses, thereby creating a focal point.


Touchables is a visual and tactile experience that invites participants in and presents no rules

for interaction. Touchables was created in an effort to provide the public with an avenue to step outside the routine of their daily life and give themselves a few moments of child-like joy and stress relief. This thesis sought out to explore how to make a simple, interactive experience. It underwent a number of large transformations and iterations throughout the year. However, the desire to transform a person’s mood, mind, and

perception has been constant throughout.